Projects and Research

Polly’s creative work and research comes under the themes of Mapping, Journey and Movement. 

She is interested in the different ways in which this theme can be presented, organized

and structured to  create both cohesive pieces of visual composition as well as

strengthening the original identity of the individual components. 
There are a variety of different ways in which she has successfully executed these ideas through the mixing of materials, sound investigation, film/stills to produce objects, drawings and images.

Automation Academic Research Fellowship

Academic Research Fellowship with South West Creative Technology Network

The South West in the United Kingdom has an historical appeal as a location for alternative living, wellbeing and rejuvenation. As a visual cartographer, object maker and creative industries advocate the practice-based research investigations I have been conducting for my Fellowship embrace the tradition of enhancing ideas and

enquiries around the theme of broken lines, regeneration and collaboration.

The work focuses on two areas, developing a relationship with organisations using automation in the

South Westand integrating automation into a creative toolkit in order to co-produce artefacts.

Things-meanings Buckland Abbey

With this new project there is an aim to seek to engage the materiality of the site itself and the materials of

the objects made, as more equal partners; abandoning the idea of a map as guide, and with the plan to let the

visitor carry all the objects from the beginning of their visit, letting them choose where and in what order to

engage with the ‘things-meanings’.

                              Researching and experimenting with new objects to guide a new tour Buckland Abbey,                                                   a National Trust Property outside Plymouth.

         - Former religious institution

         - Famous for once being the home of Sir Francis Drake

         - Now trying to diversify visitor understandings of the site


Castle Drogo

The primary aim of this project was to develop a small number of prototype objects to be used by visitors
to the National Trust property Castle Drogo so to enhance the visiting experience.

The early development happened before the Castle engaged in major building renovations and was

then put on hold for a considerable time while renovation funding was confirmed and renovations started. 

The project has had to be re-developed with the new emphasise of enhancing the visiting experience whilst

the building renovations are happening. It is estimated that the building work will take at least 5 years to

complete.The aim is for the objects to engage the visitors senses so to have a full embodied encounter

with the materials of the site. This is of particular relevance as materials are deconstructed and exposed

during the period of the large-scale renovation. The objects are being design to provoke, enable and

encourage a coherent sequence of sensations.

Key Focuses are

  • Julius Drewe – Lord of the manor

  • Dartmoor & Granite – Location and materials

  • Edwin Lutyens – Architect

  • That that never was/lost – The castle that was never built & loss of dreams

Entertainment – Fishing, shooting and games


Spacex Contemporary Art Gallery Spring Screen - Film 

Spacex hosts a night of artist film, screening a cross section of current practice from artists in Exeter and
across the south west who are working with the moving image.

Artist in Residency
In November 2009  Dr Simon Persighetti and myself were successful in having our Artists in Residence proposal accepted by The Devon & Exeter Institute, in Exeter. Under the heading of 'The Backs' the first investigative
section of the proposal focuses around acting more like forensic scientists than artists and excavating

like archaeologists rather than delving into the books. We were reading into the very fabric and

material of the building which is where the title of the ―The Backs comes from dealing with the

spines of the books as well as the hidden spaces behind the book.

Dec. '10   Presenting 'THE BACKS', exhibition at The Devon & Exeter Institution, Exeter
June '10   Academic Paper ‘Reading THE BACKS’, Creativity & Place conference, Exeter Uni., Geography Department
April '10   ‘Cupola’ Film Spacex Contemporary Art Gallery, Film Spring  Screen

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