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Research into iconography of contemporary culture focusing on pictorial signage.

‘Same, same but different’ – collection of 32 photographic images of Ladies Loo Signs.

Designers contribute to the design, production, marketing and messages that fill our world. Yet rarely does the public see what designers value personally, whether this might be a tool, or material, a prototype or a wood block, a drawing or something more ephemeral. Over 100 internationally acclaimed designers from across the globe, from Tom Dixon OBE and Konstantin Grcic to Marijn Van Oossten were asked to place what they value in an envelope which became the exhibition.



ad:HOC, Bridgette Ashton, Tim Brennan, Simon Persighetti and Tony Whitehead, Phil Smith and Polly Macpherson, Architecture Centre Devon & Cornwall

In collaboration with Phil Smith I created things-meanings. Inspired by props, there are a series of objects to be taken from gallery to create a walk around the historic site Royal William Yard, former 1700s victualing yard. This is part of the work Twalk that was first performed for the Plymouth’s Hidden City Festival.

This work looks to distil the dramatic-geographical significances of the Royal William Yard.


'Trajectories’ – Future Pathways in Design?

Dutch Design Week Eindhover - Exhibition

A Trajectory is the path that follows a moving object through the space for a certain time. It shows where anything goes. It represents the idea of designers, cultures and themes set out to determine the playing tomorrow. Trajectories distill the future from the past and the present, and their direction is determined by many influences which are now picking up already. The exhibition wants to make tangible where it can go to in design and therefore shows young designers, designers from different cultures and certain themes. 

Expos including Fontys University, University of Plymouth, School of Art & Design Middlesex University,             Daniela Toledo, Graphics Studio Daylight. 

‘things-meanings’ - A body of mixed medium work – 6 Artefacts




Cabinet is an exhibition of works by twelve architects and designers who have had unprecedented access to the archives and collections of Plymouth City Museum. This unique collaboration has created extraordinary responses to a museum collection; questioning our cultural heritage and the relationship between the arts and public institutions.

The works are enthralling and unsettling. Some are architectural environments that are perceptual and physical spaces as much as psychological ones. Some redefine the way that we relate to our surroundings, others are personal, compelling, multi-sensory design experiences, composed of a range of different objects, images and forms.

Curated by Peter Quinn Davis

Nick Kary, Mike Woods, Sani Murani, Doreen Bernath, Peter Quinn Davis, Polly Macpherson, Adam Crowley Evans, Nick Gilbert-Scott, Anthony Aldrich, Kerry Whittle & Roy Tam

New Economies New Ecologies

Internazionale Del Mobile / Milan Furniture Fair - Exhibition

A body of mixed medium work – 4 Artefacts

‘things-meanings’ are the results of an experiment to enhance the visitor experience by creating a tour guided by objects rather than a guidebook or human guide.

‘Renewal & Regeneration’

Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton - Exhibition

'Cupola’ is a record of the slow arrival of daylight as it filters through glass domes gradually illuminating the outer and inner libraries of the Devon and Exeter Institution. Still from moving image film
Polly Macpherson & Simon Persighetti 

The Purpose of Drawing

The Cube Gallery - Exhibition

The Purpose of Drawing exhibition is curated by Jacqui Knight and Patrick Lowry and brings together the diverse range of drawing work and its uses within the University of Plymouth Partnership.

Light Walk

Sound and Film-Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music - Film

This film comes from a short experiment connecting drawing, drawing with light and exploratory walking. A first walk followed the drift principle of no fixed destination or direction, drawing with various torches, to let the fall and rise of the terrain and the draw of various textures and reflections determine the route. The second walk, from which the images of the film are taken, followed the route of the first, drawing again with light (changing and adapting given lessons learned) and again filming light.
Polly Macpherson & Phil Smith

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